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Our philosophy is to combine impressive and appealing design with strategic thinking so that you can earn maximum return on your investment – let it be a property development or a commercial space.

Highly Experienced

We have been involved in several projects for developers, investors, nightclubs, and hospitality venues. An incredible 31% return on a recent investment was covered in the media, while our design in a hospitality project was the runner-up in the UK Property Investor Awards 2017.

Who we Help

We help everyone who wants to increase the value of their property specifically though we work in these 2 sectors.


Restaurants, Stores and Hotels

We make your space work more efficiently and bring more return – let it be a restaurant, nightclub or hotel. We do this by designing a modern and stylish interior that makes your customers come back time and time again.


Developers and Investors

We help you get the most out of your investment, We do this by designing a high-return yet stylish interior that makes your target audience fall in love with the space, and spend more.

How We Are Different

Our experience has made us realise that we have 6 main advantages over other interior designers.

Target Audience

We research the area and the target market to make sure that your clients can see themselves there, which makes them want to stay. We consciously design a stylish interior strategically targeted at your audience that is easy to enjoy.


Our interior design is not for itself, it has the purpose of making your clients impressed. We have a good track record of being high return and make the most of out of your investment. Still, our interiors are attractive and they sell or fill fast.

Proven Results

One of our recent projects realising a 31% return on their investment in just 2 months was covered in the media, while an other was runner up in two categories in the UK Property Investor Awards last year.


We have degree level knowledge of the whole property sector so that you can be sure that we know each phase of the process and the needs of the stakeholders from investment through delivery to sales.

End to End

Our team have a proven ability to deliver the whole process of design, from sourcing to styling the property, or we can help you in a specific stage of the project. We always work according to a previously set budget and timeline.


You are not tied to pre-made design as we research and source exactly what fits you or your client's needs. We have a proven network of experienced vendors who we trust and we pick each element from the best source.

How We Work

We have a 5-step signature EDS process to ensure the success of our work and help you achieve a higher impact.


Setting the Right Strategy

We are ready to be involved right from the beginning of the project to understand the developer’s strategy, get to know the budget, the time schedule and the goals. We see the numbers in design so that you get more out of it.


Researching the Target Audience

We carefully research the target audience their behaviour and needs. We have a solid knowledge of the actual and upcoming trends in the specific areas. We believe in sustainable design and making an effort for the next generation.


Presenting the Concept

We plan the design appealing to your potential clients and being within budget to maximise the return for you. We present mood boards, pictures and sketch drawings so that you can see what you get. Based on your feedback we create detailed drawings and if needed, a 3D model or render. We can also create the electric and lighting schemes.


Sourcing The Best

We source the best value materials, tiles, flooring, lighting and furniture to create an astonishing experience. We don’t use one source but instead, we handpick the best elements to make the most of the space and your investment


Purposeful Styling

We style the space so that your clients or guests feel comfortable, enjoy themselves and want to return. It is proven to significantly reduce the sales period and increase the time guests spend in a place. Our property photographer is happy to take appealing photos to attract viewers.

Our Work

Here’s some of the work we are most proud of, we are sure you will love them.