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Pushing ourselves beyond the norm

Our core belief is that true luxury is never purely a display of wasteful extravagance, instead luxury is an expression of craftsmanship, elegance, and quality materials without toxins, delivered at a minimised cost to the environment.

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EDGE Design Studio is founded upon the Scandinavian philosophies of delivering high-quality finishes, and a commitment to an uncompromising search for the best in sustainable, cruelty free, functional and timeless design.

Giving the
Upper Hand

Successful property projects begin with one thing: Strong strategy. And that’s why at EDGE we pride ourselves on giving our Clients the insight, expertise, and upper hand over the rest of the market.

A Measured

We strongly believe that quality interior design is measured by how you make people feel on a daily basis. Throughout our portfolio, you will note Nordic themes of creating space, simplicity, energy efficiency, functionality and maximising natural light.

A Forward Thinker’s Choice

Formed in direct opposition to the trends of fast fashion and throwaway culture, EDGE defines itself as being the voice of the next generation’s mindful buyers and tenants. For the conscious and responsible consumer, EDGE will always be considered the best move.

We are no Pillow Fluffers or Hobbyists!

Why EDGE Design Studio?

From Plain Building,
to Powerful Brand

When commissioning EDGE for your project, you are not hiring a firm to find the right curtains and pillows, you are on-boarding a strategic partner that turns your development project from a building into a distinguished and recognisable brand.

the “End Game”

More than simply scouting various options on materials and furnishings, EDGE outlines a marketing and sales process for your project. We ensure each project attracts the best Clientele that your chosen area has to offer. And all of this before we even make our first play.

Piece by Piece

Beyond the timeless and sustainable design at the core of our brand, EDGE recognises the difficulties that Clients face when balancing sustainability and affordable, financial efficiency. We apply our trade experience and contacts to secure you the best chance of profit and success.

the Right Move

Standing on the right side of history, EDGE is committed to making sustainable, long-term, and commercially informed decisions on behalf of its Clients. We work based on maximising high returns for our Clients, without causing excessive costs to the environment.

We are no Pillow Fluffers or Hobbyists!

Why EDGE Design Studio?



I arrived in the UK several years ago and was surprised by the low standard in the property industry and recognized a big gap in the market. As a Scandinavian, I am used to a high standard of living and I felt I could make a difference and become a game changer in the UK property industry. I wanted to work on raising the standard and the quality in construction, and to design functional spaces with the end user in mind. I have experience from the property industry in Scandinavia. Moving forward with my company I want to consult clients on the whole process from choosing materials for the construction of a building to the furniture and accessories in our homes and how to create healthy and functional spaces.

EDGE’s Process

‘Design Thinking – Providing a solution-based approach to solving developer problems.’

Define your Strategy

From the outset, EDGE reverse-engineers success for you. We consider your budget, timeline, and expected returns in order to build the ultimate vision and roadmap for your project. This initial brief becomes an essential reference point for EDGE, and informs our next move.

Capture your Target Audience

We take time to get to know your ideal consumers. By combining high level demographic data with “on-the-ground” research, EDGE starts each project by building a consumer profile for your project. Our designs are custom-built to attract your dream buyers, tenants and Clients.

Create your Alliances

Our team is formed of seasoned degree-level design professionals, educated in real estate, design, marketing and management. What’s more, our expansive network of suppliers and partners are on hand to support your project, from sourcing the right materials to turning your project into a Brand.

Future-proof your Project

One of our defining pillars at EDGE is our commitment to making sustainable choices wherever possible. Working with the future generation in mind, we have seen an adoption in long-term consumer thinking. This means developers and Clients who prioritise quality and integrity will win the long game.

Develop your Sales and Marketing

Minimalism is a central part of the Scandinavian philosophy, but not when it comes to profits. EDGE takes its responsibility of maximising return on investment for our Clients extremely seriously. Whether it’s in collaboration with agents, working privately on lead generation, or taking part in an assisted sale, EDGE aims best possible outcome. We work continuously with the end goal in mind, to maximise profit, and deliver quality in alignment with your assigned budget and timeline.